An Inspiring Journey: Mark “Mavis” Reilly on Overcoming Challenges and Raising Awareness for Rett Syndrome


In this episode, we’re excited to welcome Mark “Mavis” Reilly to the MDS Podcast. Mark, a former professional footballer, shares his personal story and experiences taking on some of the most gruelling physical challenges to raise awareness for Rett Syndrome, an incurable genetic disorder affecting his daughter Dionne. 

From Ironman events to 100-mile runs, Mark’s determination and resilience shine through as he discusses his participation in the epic Marathon des Sables (MDS). In October 2021, the 35th MDS saw the highest temperatures on record, with over 50 degrees Celsius and a stomach bug, making it the toughest MDS in history.

Mark recounts how he persevered, drawing on themes of positivity, hope, and resilience.

Mark’s upcoming book, “The Lives of Reilly,” co-authored by David McCarthy and Dickson Telfer, with a foreword by Ally McCoist, delves deeper into his inspiring journey. All profits from the book will be donated to the charity Reverse Rett, further demonstrating Reilly’s commitment to raising awareness and supporting his daughter and others with the disorder.

Don’t miss this heart warming and motivational episode with Mark “Mavis” Reilly, and stay tuned for updates on his book launches in Kilmarnock and Motherwell. Let’s celebrate the power of positivity, resilience, and hope together.

Due for release on the 4th of May, follow Mark and Nameless Town Publishing on Twitter: