Ben Gallagher Veteran, Athlete, Explorer & MDS Finisher

Ben Gallagher

On this weeks show we have Ben Gallagher another of our tent-mates from Marathon des Sables 2022.

Ben is a Veteran, Athlete and Explorer. In 2019 whilst serving in the British Army, he was involved in an incident that has since changed his life. He was shot numerous times and received blast/fragmentation injuries to both arms and his upper torso. Without a doubt his body armour saved his life.

Resilience, optimism and determination are qualities that highlight Ben’s consistent drive to succeed.

Ben completed the 36th Marathon des Sables 2022 in 38hrs 48mins 54secs with an average moving speed of 5.95km/h, he ranked 271 out of 1023 registered competitors.

Listen to this episode to learn how he approached the MDS.

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