Ed Parker CEO of Walking With The Wounded

Ed Parker CEO of Walking With The Wounded

As the countdown for the Marathon des Sables 2020 is on, Sean Clark chats with some of this year’s Walking With The Wounded Team Members. Looking into each member’s reason for embarking on this incredible challenge and how they’re preparing for April, Sean dives deep into what running the Marathon des Sables as part of the WWTW team means to everyone. 

For the first podcast, Sean interviews Ed Parker, CEO of Walking With The Wounded, a UK charity that helps injured former British Armed Forces service people transition from their military career to civilian life. 

Having served in the Biritsh Army himself, Ed worked in the City when he returned to civilian life. In 2009, when Ed’s nephew was seriously injured during his service, he was inspired to set up Walking with The Wounded.

In the podcast, Ed and Sean chat about the various events in which the charity partakes each year, with particular focus on the 2020 Marathon des Sables. It’ll be Walking With The Wounded’s 35th year, and it’s entering with the biggest of all teams in the event- the perfect way to celebrate its 10th anniversary. 

Having ran the MDS in 2016, the 2020 event is Ed’s second time running. He gives an insight into what the ultra marathon involves, including some of the problems he encountered the first time around. Despite the intense challenges the first time around, Ed remains entirely positive about the upcoming race. He tells Sean about his luxury items for the race, and about the importance of sleep and hydration in completing the race. 

While Ed’s training and preparation isn’t typical of most ultra-marathon runners, he shared valuable advice about eating and drinking over the duration of the race. Content with the achievement of simply completing the race, Ed offers one piece of vital advice to all participants: just don’t panic. 

If you want to know support the team and this brilliant cause, you can donate at www.walkingwiththewounded.org.uk/. You’ll find information about how the charity supports ex service people, as well as preparation for MDS 2020 and other events.  

Track Sean’s own MDS 2020 training journey on Strava and donate to WWTW here.