Jonny Hendry Does The Marathon Des Sables in Body Armour!

Jonny Hendry

As if the Marathon des Sables was not enough of a challenge. You’ll always find someone that wants to do it slightly different to the other participants.

Jonny Hendry is one of those people.

He served in The Parachute Regiment, in all 3 Battalions and deployed on multiple tours of Afghanistan. Over those tours, he was involved in incidents that he struggled to process on his return and with the help of Support Our Paras he was able to find therapy and get his life back on track. He wanted to raise money for the charity so that others may find help, which led to this crazy challenge!

Jonny not only completed the MDS but he did it carrying a 10kg pack plus wearing another 10kg of body armour!

The man is crazy, but he is a legend. This is one hell of an episode, so buckle up and pin your ears back for the MDS Podcast.

Support Jonny in his fundraising: