Rob & Sean’s Debrief on Completing the Marathon des Sables 2022

MDS2022 WWTW Team Photo

We did it!

Finally, after many years of training and postponements, plus a second attempt for me, we managed to complete the “Toughest Footrace on Earth”!

In this episode, we go through the poignant moments of the race for us. Covering everything from food to pacing. We also try to answer the question that gets asked each year, “How light should your pack really be?”

The route was as challenging as ever, with Jebels and sand dunes aplenty. There was even a 100km/h sandstorm to contend with just for good measure.

So, if you’ve entered for a future edition or just want to reminisce and compare your experience. In that case, this is the episode for you.

If you’d like to feature on a future episode of the MDS Podcast, whether you finished or not, please get in touch. Whatever your level of ability, there’ll be someone out there who would love to hear your story.

Contact me on Twitter: @SeanClark or on Instagram @seanEclark

Tent 111 after the final day!
Tent 111 after the final day! – (from left to right) Chris, Rob, Sean, Ben, Glen & Ems.